Friends, the time has come.

I am running for Vice President of The Global Imams Council. You already know what I stand for.

In 2017, I made the decision to become independent. This allowed me the freedom to take my voice to the world stage. Together, we have weakened Islamist Extremists in the media, parliaments, and society. The single disadvantage of being independent is the limited scope of influence and impact. Ever since then, I have been working tirelessly and strategically for an election such as this.

If I am elected, you will have a direct line of communication to my office, where I will hear your concerns and feedback. It is not a good idea to reveal all of my future plans in this particular situation. In the meantime, I will give you an idea of what my policies will look like. The following policies will be implemented within my first month in office.

Policy #1 - Counterterrorism and Counter Extremism

Government designated terrorist lists can be influenced by geopolitical factors. They also do not include potential terrorists.

  • Introduce a comprehensive list of terrorists, as well as potential terrorists.
  • Work with democracies to designate all terrorist groups and individuals.
  • Counterterrorism & Counterextremism training for all council Imams.
  • The expulsion & suspension of any “fence-sitting” Imams from the Council.

Policy #2 - Women's Rights

  • The prohibition of inequality, Female Genital Mutilation, and child brides.
  • Establish, for the first time in history, an ‘Office for Women’ within an Imams Council. This office will be administered by a female director.
  • The swift assistance of females suffering from abuse and domestic violence.

Policy #3 - Advocacy and Outreach

  • Expand the Global Imams Council’s Interfaith Network.
  • Launch strategic Council offices to maintain a presence in Geneva, Brussels and Washington DC.
  • Strengthen the Sunni-Shia Alliance against Islamist extremism and terrorism.
  • The advocacy for family values, free thought, free speech, minority rights and a common-sense approach towards the Pandemic.

Policy #4 - Open Advisory Platform

Once elected, the public will have a direct line of communication with me. You will be able to send me advice, feedback, recommendations, policy proposals, ideas and submissions. My office will strive to meet the demands of society, instead of imposing what society should accept.

Currently not accepting donations. Pray for us instead!

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